Priyanka Prakash

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Priyanka C Prakash is an MBA student and an acclaimed Classical Musician, trained for 18 years in Indian Carnatic Music.

With strong cultural and artistic roots in the Indian subcontinent, she explores two dualities – One, of being a global citizen through performing art & music; and Two – of converging the two worlds of Business & Music. In her talk, she will explore converting this ‘duality’ into ‘singularity’ – by integrating music, business, philosophy & mathematics. She believes that Music is a cathartic and uplifting experience, much like the intellectual stimulation that comes from solving complex business problems.

Priyanka has spent her studying and early work years in India, pursuing her dual passion of Music and Finance – a large part of Priyanka’s family lives in the US. Winner of the Governor’s Award for Classical Music & over 17 coveted awards for Music, she has performed 220+ concerts across India, United Kingdom and United States. At Chicago Booth, she specializes in advanced Finance, and graduates with concentrations in Finance & Analytic Finance. After her MBA, she will be a Strategy Consultant.

Priyanka is passionate about community building and giving back: she was involved with India’s one of its kind student-driven outreach program that raised awareness of Art among 1,500+ school children. At Booth, she is a Career Advisor, working actively to mentor first year students with career decisions. She was recently selected as a student speaker at the Chicago Booth CFO Conference, speaking on Millennial Perspectives to a group of 75+ global CFO’s.

She continues to explore the interconnectedness between the worlds of business & art and was selected among top-20 from 3,000+ applicants to present a paper at the World MBA Summit in 2016.

She is a big proponent of the UChicago interdisciplinary wisdom – and strives to integrate Art, Finance and Community Engagement. Her interests include exploring new cuisines, watching soccer, and taking off-the-beaten-track vacations.