Feb 2016

A Great Leap Towards Astronomical Discovery

Feb 1, 2016

Professor Wendy Freedman and Professor Michael Turner discussed the expansion of the universe, dark energy, and dark matter, as well as Professor Freedman's work on the Giant Magellan Telescope project in Chile.  

Professor Freedman became world-renowned more than a decade ago for leading a team of 30 astronomers who carried out the Hubble Key Project to measure the current expansion rate of the universe, and is now leading the creation of the Giant Magellan Telescope.

Professor Michael Turner is  a cosmologist who coined the term "dark energy." Professor Turner helped establish the interdisciplinary field that combines together cosmology and elementary particle physics to understand the origin and evolution of the Universe. His research focuses on the earliest moments of creation, and he has made contributions to inflationary cosmology, particle dark matter and structure formation, the theory of big bang nucleosynthesis, and the nature of dark energy.

More photos from the event here.