Hadar Lazar

Student Performance Competition Winner: SPOKEN WORD

HADAR LAZAR likes stories.

As a third-year physics major at the University of Chicago, Hadar conducts particle physics research at both UChicago and Princeton in an attempt to trace the elusive plot of our universe. She further enjoys diving into stories through other media, including performing in University Theater and writing. She is also committed to helping provide a platform for other people's art as an editor of student magazine Sliced Bread and the host of its literary podcast, The Bread Beat

On May 2nd, Hadar will be performing an original piece about the inventor and visionary Nikola Tesla. Describing her inspiration for the piece, she writes: "His influence is so grand that we grew immune to it, the way one grows accustomed to ever-present background noise. His incredibly unique story suggests that perhaps moving forward needs no cause; 'forward' is the cause." The need, she says, is to "take the next step."

Hadar's interest in both art and science stems from a belief that reasoning or meaning can be unveiled by investigating what sometimes presents itself as chaos. 

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