BUDING QU Organizer

Buding Qu

Buding Qu is a fourth year at the University of Chicago majoring in Economics and minoring in Math. She served as the Finance Chair for TEDxUChicago last year, and was the Logistics Chair in her second year. Buding worked at an investment company in Beijing as an intern over the summer, and gained a lot of experiences in event planning and finance management. Besides TEDxUChicago, Buding was a member of Women in Business in her first and second year, and is in the UChicago Career in Business Program. She can be reached at budingqu@uchicago.edu.


Biddle Picture.jpg

Chaillé is a fourth year majoring in Public Policy. She was introduced to the TEDxUChicago conference during her second year, when she attended The Incredible Unknown. She is a member and officer of the Epsilon Phi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta, and will be working with the editorial staff of the Gate on writing workshops at Cook County Jail. She loves company, which she attains by baiting people with freshly baked cookies, and writing them letters. A Brooklyn native, she has appreciates bagels, cool socks, and assertive driving. If she were a kitchen utensil, she would be a heatproof spatula.


Joseph Chou.jpg

Joseph is a third year Public Policy major in the College. Having a background in policy debate, he looks forward to exploring the world of business and politics and hopes to build a career in management consulting. Outside of working with TEDxUChicago and PRISM Consulting Group, Joseph enjoys cooking, running, and wondering what his pet corgi is doing back home in Southern California.

DYLAN WELLS Marketing/PR Chair

Dylan Wells

Dylan is a second year in the college majoring in Political Science. In high school, she ran TEDxYouth@Portland and worked with TEDxPortland, one of the largest TED events in the country. Dylan is excited to be returning to the TEDxUChicago board as the Marketing and PR Chair. On campus, Dylan is also the Institute of Politics Events Intern and Elections Editor for The Gate. This past summer, she interned at the Institute of Politics and with Politico at the Democratic National Convention. She enjoys traveling, going to concerts, and exploring the Chicago brunch scene.

HELEN CHEN Design Chair

Helen is a first year in the College who studies Economics and Statistics. Raised in California, she loves good boba and struggles with real weather. In addition to TEDxUChicago, Helen designs for The Chicago Maroon, EDGE Launchpad, and the University Bookstore. She enjoys watching Criminal Minds, reading The New Yorker, and finding new brunch places in her spare time. 

JENNY WANG Logistics Chair

Jenny Wang.jpg

Jenny is a third year in the college who plans to major in Economics. Hailing from the deepest of the deep South, she harbors a deep appreciation for warm mittens and oversized sweaters.  Aside from TEDxUChicago, Jenny is also involved in the Taiwanese-American Student Association and plays on the women’s club Ultimate Frisbee team. She enjoys running along the Lakeshore Trail, chocolate ice cream in chocolate-covered waffle cones, and, of course, TED talks of all genres. 


JOSHUA KRAMER Speakers Chair


Josh Kramer is a third-year at the University of Chicago, studying Philosophy, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and Law, Letters, and Society. Last summer, he studied Ancient Greek and co-founded the Ode to the City project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to communally envisioning and materializing public arts workshops on the near South Side of Chicago. At UofC, he has served as a board member for Queers United in Power, participated in Chicago Bound and Summer Links, danced in University Ballet, participated in drawing classes with Outside the Lines, and deliberated intimacy with inanimate objects – namely, with the Reg! In his spare time, Josh enjoys discussion with friends, books that take forever to read, painting and drawing, or trips back to his hometown, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In much that he does – including TEDxUChicago – Josh explores social change, education, art, and how they intertwine with each other

MAYA NGUEN Speakers Chair


Maya Nguen is a third-year at The University of Chicago, currently majoring in Philosophy and exploring the fields of Economics. She defines herself as a “citizen of the world”  - of Vietnamese origin, born and raised in Moscow, and educated in England. Now finding herself in Chicago, she loves to spend her days reading, seeing friends for coffee on all parts of campus, doing yoga, and (occasionally) engaging in schoolwork. Aside from serving as the User Experience Chair at TEDxUChicago, she is deeply involved in Amnesty International, International Students Advisory Committee (ISAC), and is part of Moot Court and Undergraduate Women in Philosophy. Her friends would describe her as bold-spirited, adventurous, and prone to go into rants about anything and everything. Ultimately, she hopes that this year’s conference will get discourse flowing and engage exciting new ideas and projects!


Maya Subbakrishna

Maya is a second year in the College who plans to major in Statistics and English. Having participated in speech and debate for four years, she loves hearing people speak and share their experiences, and can’t wait to see all the amazing speakers and storytellers that participate in TEDxUChicago this year. Outside of TEDxUChicago, Maya works at the UChicago Center for Career Advancement and is president of Yuen house in North. She also enjoys baking, crossword puzzles and, as a New York native, has a great appreciation for bagels and thin crust pizza.

MIMANSA DOGRA Sponsorship/User Experience Chair


Mimansa Dogra is a first year in the college and plans to major in Biology. She is enthusiastic about scientific research, public policy, and petting dogs. Before coming to the University of Chicago, she worked on TEDxRedmond's sponsorship team and was a producer at her local radio station (KUOW-NPR). In her spare time, she enjoys writing short stories and listening to podcasts.


Putter is a third year economics and public policy major at The College. She was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. At school, she is the Co-President of the Thai Student Association and a member of the College on University Programming (COUP) and Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity. When she is not in the library and attending meetings, she enjoys watching cooking videos, eating cereal in Bartlett dining hall, cycling and attending events on campus. 

RUSSELL LOUBE Sponsorship/User Experience Chair

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Russell is a third year Public Policy major at the College pursuing a career in business.  He spent the last summer working in the finance department of a San Diego based media company.  As a northern California native, he has an embarrassingly low tolerance for cold weather.  Besides his involvement with TEDxUChicago and PRISM Consulting Group, Russell enjoys NBA Basketball, mixed martial arts, and Filipino food.  His favorite shows of all time are Bob's Burgers and SpongeBob SquarePants.  





Sahiba Borisuth is a third year at the college majoring in Public Policy and minoring in Human Rights, and is the Salons and Student Speakers Chair. Born in Bangkok, Thailand, she returned there for her gap year to intern with UNAIDS while taking advantage of the chance to travel and explore new places. Though she’s thankful for the experience of living out of a suitcase for a year, she considers the Quad Cities, a quaint town on the border of IL and IA her home. She was introduced to TEDxUChicago after attending the 2015 event The Incredible Unknown and is very excited to join the board this year as Student Speaker/Salons Chair. Sahiba is also involved in GlobeMed and Peer Health Exchange. She enjoys singing and playing her guitar, all types of chocolate and sipping tea while binging on TED talks. 

SAM BAYER Finance Chair

Sam is a third year majoring in Economics. He is the President, Treasurer, and Captain of the Men’s club Ice Hockey Team and the financial chair of PRISM Consulting Group and an analyst in ILC-Markets Division. He is from New York and loves cold weather. He likes watching hockey and football and roots for all New York sports teams. He enjoys listening to podcasts about space and space exploration, as well as reading about technological and scientific advancements. His favorite show on Netflix is Californication and his favorite movie is The Dark Knight.

SORETI TESHOME Logistics Chair

Soreti Teshome

Soreti Teshome is a third year in the college majoring in Public Policy and minoring in Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies. In high school, Soreti worked for the TEDxYouth event in her home city of Lincoln, Nebraska. She’s excited about continuing to work with TED as a logistics chair for TEDxUChicago. On campus, Soreti is a community conversation facilitator with OMSA’s Emerging Minds Project, as well as a member of the Independent Review Committee for the University of Chicago Police Department. This past summer, Soreti was a member of the UCSC’s Summer Links program and interned with the North Lawndale Employment Network, a nonprofit organization working to remove barriers individuals with felony backgrounds face when searching for employment. When she’s not sending emails or doing schoolwork, Soreti can be found eating ice cream, talking with friends, or watching crime drama shows on Netflix.