Björn Jóhann Olafsson

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Björn Jóhann Olafsson is a second year at the University, studying Psychology, Cinema and Media Studies, and Human Rights.

Björn has been conducting cognitive research at the Center for Decision Research for the past year. Before college, he designed and implemented an original behavioural science research project - eventually winning an award from the American Psychological Association at the state level. He is most interested in the ways that psychology connects to various other fields of study. This summer, Björn hopes to conduct original research about the psychology of empathy in light of recent global events.

Other than his studies, Björn is a competitor for the University of Chicago Mock Trial program. He also curates Theater [24], a thrice-annual 24-hour theater festival, and has worked on several student-made films, plays and scripts. He is currently the Social Chair for Hitchcock House where he also served as an Orientation Aide and Treasurer. Björn was a leader of the first-place team in the UChicago Scavenger Hunt 2016.

When he enjoys a respite from University life, Björn enjoys creating trivia games for Sporcle, eating copious amounts of Twizzlers while watching bad movies, and puns. He is rarely seen without sporting a curious pair of socks.